Collaborators: Shashaank Srinivasan

Project Timeline: 3 Weeks

TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) is a not-for-profit cultural organization whose mission is to transform the way people see the world through film.

Our mission was to create a focused mobile application that connects everyday movie watchers to the world of film and film making at TIFF.

The Approach

One of our primary goals was to cater the app to regular movie-watchers and get them more interested in TIFF, as well as film buffs that TIFF already attracts. We launched an ethnographic study which was also paired with the qualitative data that we gathered to ensure that we had a solid base of both factual and behavioral information to create our product. 

Me and my partner decided to split the work between us, I was mainly responsible for user-research, app wireframes, and the final visual design. 


The Research

To begin, we looked at demographic data of TIFF participants to get some quick insight on the audience that the film festival already attracts. We quickly discovered that the festival was not as inclusive as we would have liked. Since our goal was to get regular movie watches to get involved with TIFF, this was a major area that we focused upon.


To begin our ethnographic research, we interviewed and observed a few people at the Cineplex movie theatre in Milton, Galaxy. One thing we quickly noticed was the amount of young people present - the high school/college demographic. This was directly at odds to the average age of TIFF attendee who is 41 years old. Another fact we noted was that people generally see movies in pairs, or in a group. 

We interviewed an aspiring film maker, who considers himself to be a "film buff". He submitted his film, Featherweight, (director and writer) to his university's film festival and won best picture. We felt he belonged in the film enthusiast crowd which was also a group we wanted feedback with. 

During our interview, one major thing stuck out. Our interviewee had never been to TIFF - despite being a self-proclaimed film buff, and having film making accomplishments of his own. He cited that the festival feels almost too exclusive to insiders, and members of the press.



We relied on the paper prototyping methodology to get a sense of how users would navigate and use our app. This process allowed us to find flaws within the user experience of our app. Using our findings we turned our paper prototypes into more finalized wireframes that we would again later rework to better focus on user needs. 


Final Result

I translated our final wireframes into higher-fidelity mockups.