Employeer: Thinkingbox
Client: Centre for Pelvic Floor Competence

Project Timeline: 2 Weeks

A medical information app I designed during my time interning at Thinkingbox.

The app would be exclusively used by participants who are eligible to take part in a study involving surgical treatments.

The Approach.

The client provided a short brief of things they wanted to include within the application. Since the application was to be used only in the clinic, by a much senior audience I began modeling my the experience to be as easy to use as possible. I didn't have experience in designing for senior's, so I began researching accessibility standards, and spoke to other designers at Thinkingbox to gain further insight. Time was also of the essence as a quick turn-around to completion was expected. 

Early Explorations 

After the research period, I began exploring a range of UX concepts. The wireframes were created quickly so I could experiment with the user flow. I wanted the application to be as easy to use as possible. 


After early UX approaches, I decided to take them into a more finalized mock-up approach to see how the visual part of it would work within the context of the flow. I tried many different visual styles to get better foresight on how the final product should look. After careful consideration. I decided to scrap the initial UX and the visual direction to be even more simpler.


Finalized Concept

The finalized concept for the app was done after a complete breakdown of my earlier approach. By focusing on just essentials, I boosted the readability and navigation of application.