Shujaat Syed

But you can call me Shu (pronounced like Shoe)

I'm an Interaction Design (or IXD as the cool kids say it) student currently studying at Sheridan College. I was born in Pakistan (I'm good for filling up the diversity quota), however raised in Canada for the most of my life (Eh!). I like playing video games, binge-watching TV shows, and listening to albums on repeat. 

To me design is the communication of knowledge, ideas, function and empathy. These things can converge in a multitude of different ways depending on what you are designing but I see all of them as important.

Right now, I volunteer my time to the Sheridan IXD Association as a member of their Design team. To find a summary of my professional experience and relevant design skills, take a glance at my resume

I can be contacted via email, and I can also be found on Instagram and LinkedIn.

Super Fun Shu Facts:

I scored nearly perfect in the Fansworth Munsell hue test
I have a cat ?
I keep confusing LEFT and RIGHT (the directions, NOT the political leanings)

I am only 5'6 ft tall 🙁
I still listen to Blink-182

I used to make Counter-Strike mods when I was in highschool
     They have been viewed 195,000+ times
     They have been downloaded over 61,000 times (less impressive)

I own 135 boxed video games for my Xbox 360, and about 60 Blu-Ray films
I ran an entertainment editorial website for one year (2013)
     It amassed over 330,000 page views
     We had 5 contributing writers 
     We did eventually started getting products for free to review
     We got blacklisted by a publisher due to giving a product a "less than favorable review"
     I had to shut it down because I couldn't afford the hosting

I don't care much for soup